Breakfast with Kim

The sound of your voice beckons me to a morning delight
The smell of your lovely neck entices like vanilla
The feel of your skin is like freshly baked bread on my palms
The taste of your lips lingers like sweet sticky syrup

You fill my mind like coffee filling a lonely cup
You kiss me like soft ice cream on waffles
You embrace me like a cozy mug of hot chocolate
You melt my heart like butter on warm pancakes


Araw-araw, paulit-ulit.
Gising, kain, ligo, bihis, byahe
Pagsakay sa dyip
Usok ang bumabalot paligid
Ang tulalang mga mata
Nakatingin sa kawalan
Nag-aabang ka lang lagi ng senyas
Kelan ba pwedeng tumigil?
At patuloy lang ang lakad
Binabagtas ang lumang linya
Ng kalsadang kabisado mo na
Pare-pareho ang itsura
Naghalu-halong mga mukha
Tumitingin, ngunit walang nakikita
Hindi pinapansin
Dinadaanan lang at hindi napapansin
Sa iyong mata ang mundo ay hindi nag-iiba
Hindi mo alam na ikaw lang ang hindi nagbabago


More than a dozen prickling

words attack my body

little by little.

Some assault my face,

my nose, my lips, my eyes.

Several of 'em cut

through my head.

A few gash my arms and

a couple stab my chest.

I could feel the

piercing pain on my palms,

still suffer the sting

on my feet.

Bit by bit

those tiny bullets

you shoot at me

rip me to pieces.


Does wearing suits and blazers really make us a civilized people? Do our systems and institutions really make us a more organized and advanced society? Is this so much better than when things were a lot simpler and we were unencumbered by so many complexities in life?

What I don’t understand is why we have to put up with a job we don’t like doing during the productive hours of our day for five or six times a week just so we can scrape a bare minimum salary that doesn’t even come close to compensating the exploitation and degradation we experience in the boxed-up “careers” we have.

 Don’t ask me, I’m still doing it.

Anung sabi?

Sabi mo, kagabi, sabi mo
Itigil na natin ‘to
Nagmakaawa ka, sinabi mo
Hanggang dito nalang tayo

Napatigil ako sa sinabi mo
Tinikom ang bibig
Kinuyom ang puso
Wala akong nasabi sa sinabi mo

Lumipas ang mga buwan
Mga luha’y kinubli sa dilim
Paulit-ulit ang tahimik na alaala
Ng gabing sinabi mo sa akin

Ngayon sinasabi ko sayo
Hindi ko na maitatago
Hindi mo na mapipigil
Ang nais kong sabihin sayo

Eto o, pakinggan mo
Ang nababasag kong puso
Ang bumubuhos na dugo
Naririnig mo ba’ng sinasabi ko?

Beautiful Tragedy

The passing days blur the memories
That face I memorized
That hand I caressed
That breath I inhaled
They were all once so familiar
– a part of me before
Now there is only a hazy image
A distant echo
A haunting shadow

But sometimes the wind carries back
The dust of long-abandoned yesterday
And a melancholic melody weaves
Through the cracks of a my mending heart
The cold seeps in and freezes my body

I thought I was free