Making a dent

It is innate for humans to have the need to express and be heard. And today it is more apparent than ever. Everywhere there are words. People find more and more ways to flood the world with chatter. Convenient and fast. Already it is overwhelming.

The plague of mass media in our lives makes it difficult to be heard. Everyone is saying something all at the same time. It is almost impossible to overcome the overlapping blabber.

And what’s more difficult is to listen. To perceive the truth. To sieve the essential. It always is confusing. But we don’t notice it because we are too preoccupied hearing too many things. Or speaking.

Now the problem is, as there is always a problem, I am also human and I have that compelling urge to be heard. Or be read. This powerful itch has been nudging me long before I’ve decided to do this. I had tried to feed this need through our college publication, and it was fulfilling despite its tough demands. But now I’ve graduated and not preoccupied at the moment. Not busy running the hamster wheel.

So now I have decided to join in the word revolution even if chances of being heard, or read, are minute. I want to run into in the battlefield of mass media. I shall brace myself for the harsh lashes of criticism or the cruel blows of indifference. I am fighting for truth and waging for change. For the good. Hopefully I will not lose my way.


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