The Creation

In the midst of oblivion
        awaits the preeminent union
of the three crucial elements of creation:

        A white, bare space;
An ingenious contrivance
        – the medium that will substantiate
                   the unformed vision;
And the silent contemplator
        – pensive and enigmatic.

He closes his eyes,
        and in the darkness he sees
the hazy panorama
        that had visited him in a dream.

He poses himself dignified and ready,
        groping for inspiration.
He feels it creeping in his veins,
        rousing his senses,
                and gripping his soul.

He slowly moves his hand and carefully
        positions the tool he delicately holds.
He draws the first line, barely visible,
        and continues with what he began.
The magic of art unfolds.

A hundred lines
        streak in different directions –
connecting, netting, interlocking,
        tracing the contours of the oeuvre,
shaping the framework
        from where magnificence shall bloom.

With daubs of blue, orange and brown
        and tinges of red, yellow and black,
he fluidly strokes his instrument across the canvas
        – his motions mimicking those of a conductor
                leading the grand orchestra.

He fills the space with sorrowful shades
        and vehemently pours out vivid hues
as he seamlessly completes his passionate pursuit.

At last he lowers his hand and beholds his opus:

                A masterpiece.


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