Escape reality
Ignore time

Sculpt an alternate world inside your dreary psyche
Plummet into a subterranean dimension
Beyond this mundane universe

Breathe into another existence
Tracing the intricate lines of imagination
Create life in the crux of your mind
– reaching your soul

Let it consume you in its pages                                 

A vein connects its spine to your heart
Emotions seeping from the words and phrases
Controlling your consciousness       

Soaring in heavenly bliss
Drowning in passion
Plunging in deep sorrow
Crippling in pain
Swelling in anger
Shuddering in fear

Letting you yearn for more 

Be whoever you desire to be
Be with the mortals and immortals
With creatures and beings of the impossible
Wandering aimlessly in your vague fantasy

Exist in an endless era
Let yourself be oblivious of
The past
        The present
                Or the future
Unmindful of everything

...until you turn the last page.

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