Patches of Epiphanies {1}

                I am in limbo, currently going through a transition where I am treading the threshold of the outside world.  And it scares me. I have just broken free from the routine and structure of school and now I find myself facing too many routes to choose from.  These paths are hazy. I still cannot see beyond them and I am unsure of where they would lead me.  But despite the fear and doubt, I still believe that things happen for a reason and that everyone has their own purpose to fill.  I believe that we were made not for ourselves but for something greater – that we are to live beyond mere existence. We were given physical capabilities to help and serve others; we were given intelligence and talent to nurture and put in good use; we were given wealth and resources to share with others. There is no point in keeping them all to ourselves because they will just stagnate and rot.  Every day is worth living if we have something to look forward to, a reason to move, to run, to grow, to soar.  It may still be unclear what and where we ought to be, but in the end, everything will fall into place.


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