A Passionate Affair

Overwhelming is the sensation

to read and be read.

Astounding is the feeling

when a reader

can journey so far

even without departing.

Remarkable is the fact

that a writer

can reach out to so many

even with just a few lines.

Miraculous is the phenomenon

when thoughts and emotions

collide and combine,

they intertwine,

when the reader reads the writer

and the writer writes for the reader.

6 thoughts on “A Passionate Affair

    • Thanks! Yeah, I also write in my mother language, but I really don’t know too many Filipino bloggers right now so no one’s reading my posts written in Filipino. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. šŸ™‚

  1. Nice dissertation on the givers and takers (writers/readers) of life here. Really interesting relationships. Nice job.
    Thanks for your visit to my site and the opportunity to visit yours. I enjoyed it.

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