Picking the puzzle pieces

Life. Should I map it out? I mean, I only have one shot at it, I don’t want to mess it all up. Every day I feel this nudging in my gut that I should be making the most out of life, especially now that I still have the time and dexterity to do all the possibilities that will sooner or later be taken away from me. But here I am, fumbling and figuring out how to proceed with this vast unknown hovering in front of me.

I know who I am, not entirely but at least a greater part of me. I am aware of my likes and dislikes, my capabilities and weaknesses, my convictions and apprehensions. But still there are times when I find myself stuck. I don’t know if this is just a feeling, a petty thing that I’m making a big deal of.

Modesty aside, I do believe that I am meant for great things. I mean all of us are, we just have to choose to be. And I choose that path. I know it’s hard and despite my determined efforts to shun fear, it’s still there. But I understand; it is part of human nature. Even the bravest person on earth can’t really be fearless; there will still be that occasional drop of cold sweat, their only difference from cowards is how they take that fear and use it to push themselves further.

So here I am, on the process of taking anxiety and doubt by the handle so that I can propel myself. I have faith in me because I have faith in Him. Amid the uncertainty of this labyrinth, I know that I will be guided because I am not alone.


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