Book of Eli

“Do you remember what it was like in the world before?”

“People had more than they needed. They had no idea what was precious, what wasn’t. We threw away things. People killed each other.”

~Denzel Washington (Book of Eli)



When I’m in between
I feel a weightless breeze
cold upon my face as
shallow breaths escape.
Colors are a blur against
the blackness ahead.
You reach me still
even here
lingering –
a vague presence
while I am
slowly slipping away.

Sa aking pagmamasid

Ganito ang mundo
malaki, malawak
may nakaraan
may hinaharap
ang kabuuan
‘di maabot ng pang-unawa

Ganito ang lipunan
matatag, makapangyarihan
mahirap usisain
mahirap palitan
ang kalagayan
ay pilit na pinaniniwalaan

Ganito ang tao
maliit, mahina
may kasalukuyan – ‘di maintindihan
ang kasaysayan ng mundo
mahirap turuan – ‘di matanggap
ang katotohanan sa lipunan

Patches of Epiphanies {3}

I look up ahead of me and there are all these walls covered with daunting thorns, freaking me out and telling me to just stop right here. These harsh obstacles make me worry about the scars I would have to put up with if I continue this direction. They keep pushing me back, using my fear to keep me rooted on the spot and prevent me from seeing the other side of these walls. But what else can I do but carry on? There are definitely options to choose from, but if I am to live a fulfilled life, there’s no way to it but to start climbing the seemingly insurmountable hurdles. It’s easier to turn to the road more often traveled,  but I refuse to give up on the path I am destined for.

The Protagonist

You know there is something
wrong when you start
rooting for the bad guys
because at least they have
a sense of what they are
fighting for their words
resonate with the harsh
truth that they see but
we do not see as
we are saturated with lies
wrapped up in pretty
words and pictures that do
not seem to harmonize
with what we need
they keep feeding us with
what they want us to want
now we are lost and trapped
and groping in the dark

Is there a light?

Patches of Epiphanies {2}

It is very difficult nowadays to come across that rare moment of clarity, that dawning of comprehension, about what really is and what we are about. We are swimming in a deluge of noise and we try our hardest to avoid surfacing to silence. We find it hard to think, just shut up and think, because we preoccupy our minds with blabber. There’s not much time left to question and seek for answers about the world, the enormity of life, as we are too busy with the everyday tasks we put upon ourselves. There’s not much space left to allow discovery of the essential, the learning and understanding of the truth since we are too filled with trivial things. To find someone who is open to queries about the state of society or someone who will not dismiss a lengthy discussion about ideas and insights is to find a grain of sand among the rocks.