Patches of Epiphanies {2}

It is very difficult nowadays to come across that rare moment of clarity, that dawning of comprehension, about what really is and what we are about. We are swimming in a deluge of noise and we try our hardest to avoid surfacing to silence. We find it hard to think, just shut up and think, because we preoccupy our minds with blabber. There’s not much time left to question and seek for answers about the world, the enormity of life, as we are too busy with the everyday tasks we put upon ourselves. There’s not much space left to allow discovery of the essential, the learning and understanding of the truth since we are too filled with trivial things. To find someone who is open to queries about the state of society or someone who will not dismiss a lengthy discussion about ideas and insights is to find a grain of sand among the rocks.


Blown away

In my solemn solitude
silence takes over.

Nothing can be heard
but the passing of the wind
through my hollow head.

Then slowly I hear words
fluttering near my ears
merrily playing around,
chasing one another.

They whisper teasingly,
these restless butterflies.
They seem thoroughly eager
in seeking for a place
to settle at last.

But these flighty thoughts
are often a tricky catch.
And when I come near
to finally grasping them,
the strong breeze blows by
and takes them away.