Existential Crisis

Save those two glazed eyes
Boring a hole into nothingness
Close your heavy lids
And give in to the beckoning darkness

Plunge into oblivion
Lose yourself in apathetic slumber
Let your limp body drift
It’s so much easier to surrender

Pass it on

I have always been baffled by how society works. In my solitude I often ponder on why certain things happen and how people think or act this way or the other. Asking questions has always been a past time when my brain is not occupied and seeking to understand has been an obsession. But there are times, genuine times, that I discover actual answers to the questions that I have barely formed in my head. These tiny pieces of revelation come in different forms – a short story, a novel, an essay, a film, a picture, a song – and the feeling of fulfillment in this unearthing is very compelling, it pushes me to write about it, to share the bit of precious insight.

The people behind these inspiring lessons have done more than enough in being able to substantiate and illustrate the most difficult issues to explain. The matters that most of us fear to touch because we are unable to make sense of them, as doubt or apathy sometimes beleaguer us, are brilliantly portrayed by these people. So in my gratitude to them, to give their work due credit and to further the purpose of their creation, I pass them on to you.

One of the ingenuities I recently stumbled on is this short film about a new kind of revolution, narrated by Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, directed by Ian MacKenzie.

“This is not crazy. This makes sense. This is how to live.”

This second film is about the shift of civilization towards a world that is not oppressive but rather fosters a sustainable way of living.

“It is really up to us to determine at what point this wake-up point will happen.”

If you’re also searching for answers and seeking to learn more about life and the world around us, or perhaps pursuing the change you’ve been longing for, these sites might be of help: Curious, very curious


Is reality as it is?  Or do we create reality?

When was the beginning?  When will be the end?
Or are we just running in circles?

Is there really destiny?  Or do we make our own destiny?

Where do we really go when we die?

Do we truly believe in it?
Or do we believe just because everybody else does?

What do we really live for?

How do we know which is the right and the wrong when it seems that man already controls the norm?

Is it always better to tell the truth?

Am I confused or am I just confusing myself?