More than a dozen prickling

words attack my body

little by little.

Some assault my face,

my nose, my lips, my eyes.

Several of 'em cut

through my head.

A few gash my arms and

a couple stab my chest.

I could feel the

piercing pain on my palms,

still suffer the sting

on my feet.

Bit by bit

those tiny bullets

you shoot at me

rip me to pieces.

n o i t c e j e r

Hurts like a slap on the face
            a full-blown punch in the gut
            a piercing stab in the chest
that leaves you all sore, bruised and bleeding
            and stains your whole being

Screams in your ears
            words echoing inside your head
                        again and again
            shattering your thoughts
b  r e a  k i n g your heart and your ego

Lingers in your mind
            like a ghost that hovers
inside your subconsciousness
            haunting, taunting, mocking you
– a fool of your own making

Bears down on you
            that feeling of unworthiness
defeating you ‘till you fall on your knees
            making you crawl and reach out
although no one is around

Drags you , helpless and pathetic,
            under the bed
                        where darkness takes over