Beautiful Tragedy

The passing days blur the memories
That face I memorized
That hand I caressed
That breath I inhaled
They were all once so familiar
– a part of me before
Now there is only a hazy image
A distant echo
A haunting shadow

But sometimes the wind carries back
The dust of long-abandoned yesterday
And a melancholic melody weaves
Through the cracks of a my mending heart
The cold seeps in and freezes my body

I thought I was free

Sad Haiku

She confines herself
In this small, dark, stifling room
Her own taste of hell

She closes her eyes
To stop her tears from running
Pretend nothing’s wrong

She shuts her two ears
To block the cruel murmurs
False friendly voices

She pretends to sleep
To escape waking nightmares
Forget tragedy

As pain consumes her
She surrenders to sorrow
And gives up hoping