Book of Eli

“Do you remember what it was like in the world before?”

“People had more than they needed. They had no idea what was precious, what wasn’t. We threw away things. People killed each other.”

~Denzel Washington (Book of Eli)


Patches of Epiphanies {2}

It is very difficult nowadays to come across that rare moment of clarity, that dawning of comprehension, about what really is and what we are about. We are swimming in a deluge of noise and we try our hardest to avoid surfacing to silence. We find it hard to think, just shut up and think, because we preoccupy our minds with blabber. There’s not much time left to question and seek for answers about the world, the enormity of life, as we are too busy with the everyday tasks we put upon ourselves. There’s not much space left to allow discovery of the essential, the learning and understanding of the truth since we are too filled with trivial things. To find someone who is open to queries about the state of society or someone who will not dismiss a lengthy discussion about ideas and insights is to find a grain of sand among the rocks.

You cannot fight the world alone.

I see myself as a person of principle. All through the years growing up, I learned and tried to understand the world, the people… life. As I was aging, I picked up these ideas, these beliefs that molded me as a person and that I now stand up for. Maybe it was the way I was raised that made me like this – caring and not indifferent. I was taught not to be selfish, and right now I am not a fan of self-interest. I have always believed that we are given the opportunity to live not for own but for others, for a bigger purpose. As I am maturing, building up inside me is this feeling, this desire to change the world, to make it a better place. I want to make my life useful, to have an impact, to make a difference. I want to do so many things, sometimes it aches me that I can only do so much.

And in my absorption to this obsession, I didn’t realize that there are other people around me who were striving for the same causes, who are making noises louder than what I am making. I only had to be open to the world, open to others, to get into the crowd pushing for the changes I wanted to make. There are still a lot of apathetic people, but today I can see that more people are growing concerned for the society, for the environment, for a better and sustainable life.

I am only one person but I am not alone. Many are also fighting the same battle I am in. I know that now. In the midst the social, political, and environmental adversities in this muddled world, I still hold on to the hope for a better humanity. And if we continue to march, arm in arm, together towards the change we are aspiring for, and if we keep our hands and minds open to others who want to join in, we may have a chance of winning.